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Taurus Sign in Astrology | Vrishabha Rashi Characteristics, Strengths, Weakness & Common Myths

Taurus Sign in Astrology

This sign is the second sign in astrology and has a bull as its symbol. This is the second sign in the modern zodiac and is sometimes crowned as the most attractive sign of all. Vrishabha Rashi might be characterised by passion, loyalty, and their elegant ways. They are regarded as ‘beautiful individuals’ inside out. Despite this, they are regarded as hot heads i.e., being angry, ALWAYS. People tend to ignore their calming personalities.

One thing that a native of Taurus wants is emotional security. Due to this, they just don’t sit back and wait for something to happen but act as go-getters. They don’t believe in taking help from others or taking favours. They might be one of the most intelligent people in the room. These people are the most methodical people among all and think that rushing into things might ruin everything. They believe in doing things at their pace and efficiently.

Characteristics of Taurus Sign or Vrushabh Rashi in Astrology

  • Vrishabha Rashi has a strong affinity to stability of every kind. They want financial, emotional, social and corporate stability in their lives. And maybe for this reason they project that satisfaction and respect in people who surround them.
  • They are regarded as pleasant, loving and people who love honesty. They are people who wish to have a peaceful life and contentment. It can  be said that their craving for security might turn into strong neediness.
  • Vrushabh Rashi is also known for their anger issues. Like the bull that is the symbol for this sign, they are prone to anger and once they are in that stage, they might be terrifying. If we take a look at the financial end, a Taurus is very driven.
  • They are good with numbers, accounting and finance. They are blessed because the number of efforts they put into a work is very less compared to the results they achieve.
  • They don’t need to put much effort into getting good results.
  • In the relationship ,a native of Taurus takes their own time when committed to someone. One will have to give them time to open up and give something from their side in a relationship. But once they are comfortable, they are known for their loyalty.
  • People seek them for their advice because they are known for their common sense. They are practical minded people who always choose rationality over things. One can go by their advice because it will lead them towards consistency.

Strengths of Taurus Zodiac Sign in Astrology

Their loyalty and reliability are their greatest asset. They are extremely consistent with relationships. They are practical people who go with their minds not their hearts. They are the best people to seek advice from and they will genuinely help people out with their problems. Other than that, they are fun people to be around. They have a good sense of humour and one will enjoy their company every time they hang out together. They will make people feel like they know them forever. They are highly driven people and work hard to make their way through life. But eventually all they look for is stability.

Weaknesses of Taurus Zodiac Sign in Astrology

The natives of this sign would build up their anger and there comes a point where it explodes and that is when it becomes difficult for the other people. When they become furious, one doesn’t want to be around them. They are very impatient as individuals and they simply cannot wait. They also have a low tolerance for late people or anything that is slow. They cannot stand boring things and boring people. They also cannot stand failures or hurdles. They like doing things their way and if something does not go that way, they get agitated and frustrated.

Common Myths about Taurus Sign in Astrology

  • Taurus are not smart- People have this notion of Taurus not being very intelligent. They don’t rub in their intelligence and maybe that is why people don’t really know how smart they are.
  • They are lazy- They are people who like doing things at their pace which is why they are perceived as lazy. They also need to take breaks from the hustle culture and recharge themselves for the grind. They are not lazy but they put their energies on specific tasks only.
  • Uncompromising possessive- They might come off as stubborn and possessive people because of their needy nature. They need a mental and emotional connection with people which leads to people thinking that they are possessive.

The bottom line is that Taurus are people one would want to be around in the long run. The natives of Vrishabha Rashi care deeply for people who are in their good books. They care for people like a mother and are reliable like a father. One would love a friend who is a native of Vrushabh Rashi and they would be like a companion for everything. They might get angry at people but in the end they love them a lot. They will be driven for any project they start and will motivate people to do the same.

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