Signs of Divorce in Astrology

Marriage is one of the purest forms of binding in one’s life. But due to some uncertain scenarios, many partners tend to separate their ways and resort to divorce. What is fascinating is that with a careful reading of our birth charts, we can interpret if there is a likeliness of going for a divorce in our lives. 

Signs of Divorce in Astrology

Planets Responsible for Divorce

We often hear that planets are not just uselessly spinning and rotating around their axis, and this is cent per cent true! They serve a solid purpose by defining the activities and outcomes of one’s life. Their placement in a birth chart depicts various happenings that might possibly occur at some point in the person’s life. 

Each planet has its own features that shape the way one will behave and act in different circumstances. The planets that are considered as malefic for breaking of marriage are Mars, Rahu, Saturn, and Sun.

Moreover, in a man’s chart, Venus’s placement is analysed to determine his wife, and in a woman’s chart, Jupiter’s placement is studied. So, even though these are not malefic in nature, they must be reviewed to determine marital status. 

Houses Responsible for Divorce

Just like certain planets point out the marriage situation, certain houses, too, directly or indirectly, indicate the possibility of a divorce.

4th House - 4th house is the house of family and family relationships. If a malefic planet is placed in the 4th house, it determines that the family life after marriage will be destroyed.

7th House - 7th house is the primary house of marriage, legal relationships, legal binding and partnership. Thus, whether or not the marriage will survive depends on the planet positioned in the 7th house and its lord. 

8th House & 12th House - 8th house and 12th house governs the sex life of a person. The 8th house also indicates secrecy, and on the other hand, the 12th house represents losses. If there is any malefic aspect on these houses, the native is likely to be a sex addict or maybe obsessed with physical intimacy. Due to this, he might have extra-marital affairs in order to fulfil his fantasies. Hence, the marriage is likely to crash.

Certain Conditions that Indicate the Presence of Divorce in One’s Life

  • Sun and Venus in the same house and Venus within 6 degrees of Sun indicates a considerable possibility of divorce. This is so because Venus gets burnt within 6 degrees of the Sun and loses its powers and benefic qualities.
  • The Venus Saturn Rahu conjunction also denotes high chances of divorce, especially if sitting in the 2nd, 4th or 7th house.
  • Moon and Venus conjunction may also lead to separation of the partners as this combination instils a sense of selfishness amongst the natives, and they will only focus on themselves and their personal desires.
  • The Saturn and Rahu conjunction in the 2nd, 5th or 7th house also gives rise to the probability of divorce. However, if any favourable planet like Jupiter aspects Rahu and Saturn, this possibility is ruled out.
  • Ketu in 7th house makes the native either not marry at all or leads to struggles in marriage, consequently leading to a divorce.
  • Rahu in 7th house is also a malefic position as it leads the native to marry more than once or cheat his partner. Still, if there is an aspect of any benefic planet on this placement, the ill-effects can be controlled.