Signs of Debt in Astrology

Sign of debt In Astrology
Signs of Debt in Astrology
  • Debts and Loans in a native’s horoscope can be easily predicted through the native’s Mars placement in the horoscope and the native’s 6th House results as Mars and Sixth House in birth chart are significators of Debts and Loans in Astrology. So to predict and understand the signs of Debt in Astrology it is first advised to look out for placement of Mars and Sixth House.
  • It is also recited in Astrology several times that taking loan from someone might activate some of our planets and their energies. Now if the planets that are activated are benefic than the native can benefit largely from that debt but if those planets are malefic than they might release malefic energies and that might not be very much beneficial to the native or to native’s family overall.
  • When a
    Malefic Mars is present in second, third, sixth or twelfth house in birth chart of a native then it can be called that the Mars is not in much favourable condition in that chart and that native might get into debt in their life at some or the other point.
  • Now, if Lord of a Native’s Ascendant is sitting in the sixth house or if Mars itself is sitting in the birth chart along with the lord of 6th House, then it may also signify or predict some issues related to Debts and Loans in Astrology. It is also noted that if Jupiter, Mercury and Moon are weak in a native’s chart than it might also cause that native to rely upon or to be under Debt.
  • It is also advised that if a native has exalted Sun in their birth chart then they must not opt for debt as they may face difficulty in repaying the debts.
  • It is noted that if Jupiter, Sun and Rahu influence somehow the 6th house in a native’s chart then that native might find it difficult to repay their debts. So these natives must always be careful while opting for Debts.

Lal Kitab Remedies to Avoid Debt

Lal Kitab Remedies to Avoid Debt

People all over the world are struggling financially. Debt is often called as worse than many diseases because some of the diseases now have cures but debt has no cure. But still, some people still opt for debt due to many reasons and no one can be blamed for it.

There are several remedies recited in Lal Kitab that can help natives to avoid unwanted debts and will help them to make wise decisions so that the native only opts for the Debts or Loans that they can repay. Most people indulge in negative loan taking habits after the age of 36 but certainly, there is no fixed age nowadays. So natives of any age group might get indulged in taking Debts.

  • The native’s who have any one of the above written thing in their birth chart can avoid Debt by praying and offering milk to Shivling on every Saturday and Tuesday.
  • Offering and pouring milk on Shivling not only helps in avoiding Debt but also helps in achieving prosperity in one’s life.
  • Reciting Hanuman Chalisa everyday for 43 straight days can also help in avoiding unwanted Debts and Loans.
  • Reciting the Tranmochan Mangal Stotra everyday can also help in avoiding Debts.
  • Visiting temple that is nearby to the house or office/shop before going to work everyday has also proved out to be helpful.
  • Several Gems and Crystals have been told to wear in past by numerous astrologers that can help in avoiding Debts but Gems & Crystals must be wore only after complete consultation as each person has a different type of Crystal and Gem requirement according to their chart and placements of planets in their house.

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