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Panchamahabhutha - 5 Elements that compose the Universe

Indian culture considers five elements that compose everything in the universe. In Vedic astrology, Panchathara (five planets) excluding Sun & Moon own Panchamahabhutha. The Panchamahabhutha are earth (Pruthvi), water (Aapa), fire (Teja), air (Vayu), Ether (Aakash). The table below provides details of ownership of planets.

The Panchamahabhutha are also a link between Pinda and Brahmanda because according to Indian philosophy Pinda and Brahmanda both are composed of Panchamahabhutha. Even Ayurvedha applies the Panchabhauthic theory. Vedic astrology certainly has it.

Mahabhutha Planet
Aakash Jupiter
Jala Venus
Vayu Saturn
Teja Mars
Pruthvi Mercury

Now let’s learn about the nature of each Mahabhutha.

Aakash Tathwa - Ether Element in Astrology

A person with predominant Aakash thathwa will be skilful in understanding the meaning and coming to an appropriate conclusion. He will be evolved and will have much scientific knowledge. As far as physical characters are concerned, he will have a broad face, beautiful joints, slim hands, legs and a tall body. He will have a bright complexion.

Jala Tathwa - Water Element in Astrology

A person with predominant Jala thathwa will be Beautiful, with much energy, speak the sweet language, has many friends, not very much evolved. He will have a white and glossy complexion. He will receive protection from his mother and will prosper.

Vayu Tathwa - Air Element in Astrology

A person predominant with Vayu Thathwa will be thin, short-tempered, engaged in work, likes to wander, be liberal and fair. Emanate foul smell, slow in learning, unclean body, subjected to miseries. He will experience poverty, misery, diseases, evils and financial challenges.

Agni Tathwa - Fire Element in Astrology

A person with predominant Agni thathwa will be of Fair complexion, thin, intelligent, hunger-stricken, athletic, learned, beautiful hands, voracious eater and will be tall. He will conquer his enemies, will possess many properties and ornaments, attain success and will be free from grief or diseases.

Pruthvi Tathwa - Earth Element in Astrology

A person with predominant Prithvi Tathwa will emanate the smell of soil. The person has charming teeth, nails, hair and body. Will be religious and will earn much. He will be lucky, happy and dear to many. Voice is similar to a roaring lion. A stable mind and has many abilities.