Moon in 9th House for Pisces Ascendant or Rising Sign in Astrology

Moon in 9th House for Pisces Ascendant signifies Spirituality, Religious & God Loving Soul, High Status in Life, Long Life, Good Luck, Comfort & Pleasure from Children, Higher Education and Foreign Travels.

When a person is born in Pisces Ascendant / Meena Lagna and has the position of Moon in the 9th House of Fortune and Religion in the Pisces Rashi, which is ruled by his friend Jupiter (Guru) the native signifies the follows:-

  1. Due to the favorable influence of the Moon in the 9th house of the Birth or Lagna Chart, the person gets the divine power in the body which makes the person follow God, Hinduism, and Dharma and with which he makes remarkable progress in his path of understanding the Dharma.
  2. This horoscope describes a True God Devotee Person- who loves the God from his heart and has endless faith in him. The native is a God Fearing & God Worshipping person.
  3. From here, the Moon sees (aspects) the 3rd House (of Bravery & Siblings) in the Virgo (Kanya) zodiac sign of Mercury in its seventh friendly view, so the person gets the happiness of brother/sister and share a good relationship with them. The person gets benefitted with his/her siblings and understand the importance of them of his/her life.
  4. The native will also take long pilgrimage and will wish to frequently visit religious places i.e. haves a strong will to visit temples & religious places.
  5. Moon (Chandra) in 9th House of Luck & Fortune for Pisces (Meena) Ascendant gives High status in Life, Education & Work.
  6. The Moon in 9th House for Pisces (Meena) Ascendant or Lagna also signifies Foreign travels. The native's mind always ask them to move to far away places form his current place so they can get the knowledge of various people & culture. This placement of moon makes the person visit out of his country (foreign travel) or far away places for work related or leisure trips.
  7. The favorable position of Moon (Chandra) in the house of his friendly Rashi of Pisces which is ruled by Jupiter (Guru) will bless the native with the lifespan of 75 - 85 Years; besides that, it will bring comforts & pleasures from his children and truly keeps the person upon the spiritual and ethical route. That is, the native will be blessed with good longevity and happy life.
  8. The person is a Satoguni Person' - meaning a soul which consists the 7 Divine Qualities which are - Happiness, Peace, Love, Delight, Knowledge, Power and Purity.

    As mentioned in Bhagwat Geeta (BG 14.18)
    ऊर्ध्वं गच्छन्ति सत्त्वस्था मध्ये तिष्ठन्ति राजसाः |
    जघन्यगुणवृत्तिस्था अधो गच्छन्ति तामसाः || १८ ||

    Which is translated to - Satoguni people go up to the Swarklog (higher worlds) respectively, Rajogunis remain in this earth, and those who are situated in the very dark Tamoguna go down to the hell worlds.
  9. This position results in very creative person. Since Moon represents our mind, the favorable position of Moon in 9th House for Pisces Ascendant gives the native with creative mindset resulting in success in career. Whichever field he may chose to pursue, he will apply his creativity to enhance the efficiency of the work or get it done in a much faster way.
  10. These native becomes an Excellent teacher. They love to teach & explain the concepts in a simplified way to their students. They are great in Philosophical teaching & discussions. They try to understand the concepts rather than just remembering the facts.
  11. In short, such a person is a Gentleman, Simple, Satoguni, Lucky, Divinely favored and God-devotee.

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