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Moon in 2nd House for Virgo Ascendant in Vedic Astrology

Moon in the 2nd House in Virgo the Moon is placed in the 2nd house of wealth, speech and joint family in the Libra sign of neutral Venus.

Moon in 2nd House for Virgo Ascendant in Vedic Astrology

Characteristics of Moon in 2nd House for Virgo Ascendant

  • The native earns sufficient wealth and accumulates it.
  • The native is sweet-spoken and feels happy during the whole period of his life.
  • The native has a big family and gets energy from his family.
  • The native maintains his dignity. He engages himself in intricate politics and worldly affairs.
  • The native gets name and fame in society.
  • The native is quite healthy and gets the advantage of long life and benefit of inheritance.
  • The native always keeps himself busy with good deeds.
  • The native leads a happy, peaceful, prosperous and respectable family life.

What does 2nd House in Astrology Signify?

  • The second house represents the family we are born into, which we get immediately after birth. Along with the family we also get the social status of that family that determines to a certain extend our financial future. Therefore wealth is signified too.
  • Physically, the face is part of the body next to the skull. The face, eyes, nose, and mouth are all signified here, and so are eating and speaking which are done with the mouth.
  • The correspondence with Taurus, (fixed, Earthy and ruled by Shukra.
  • (Venus)) adds to the signification of wealth and luxuries. You have the Moon in this house, therefore it is an important house.

What does Moon represents in Vedic Astrology?

  • Moon in Astrology represents your mother, or motherly figures, your emotional response to your environment, and your imagination since the Moon is your mind.
  • The Moon shows the way a person thinks and reacts to the situation.
  • A good moon in your horoscope or birth chart in astrology will make the following things benefic or auspicious i.e., your relationship with your mother and your mind will be calm & you will be a creative being.
  • If the moon is unfavourable placed in your horoscope, then it may ruin the relationship with your mother.

What does Virgo Ascendant in Astrology signify?

  • The native born in Virgo ascendant is beautiful, beautiful, with phlegm and gall nature.
  • Thoughtful, childlike, defeated by a woman, timid, elusive, sad-bodied with lust, skillful in kamikrida, with many qualities and skills, always happy, beautiful woman achiever, make-up dear , Gross and simple-bodied, big-eyed, loving, taciturn, fraternal male.
  • interested in mathematics and religion, serious, high-spirited and childlike, travel-loving, clever, delicate temperament, disguises his point of mind, childhood It is happy, moderate in the middle and in the final state is painful.
  • He is promoted between the ages of 24 to 36 years. During this period, he increases his wealth and opulence.

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