Moon in Different Houses | Effects of Moon in 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

The Moon is neutral towards everyone, or friendly. Moon is a natural benefic planet giving good results in most the houses except when the Moon is placed in Exalted sign or Enemy sign in the birth chart or horoscope. Below is the detailed analysis of the effects of the Moon in Different Houses i.e. each of the 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology.

  • When the Moon is in the Exalted Zodiac (Taurus) it makes the native Delighted, Ornamented & Luxuriant in nature.
  • If the Moon is placed in the Debilitated Zodiac (Scorpio), then the person will be suffering from diseases, less wealth, not so good relationship with mother & instability in life.
  • If the Moon is placed in Mooltrikona Signs (Taurus/Cancer) then it brings Wealth and happiness to the person's life. The person shared an excellent relationship with his/her mother. If you are in your Zodiac sign (Cancer), then you are stunning, rich and very lucky and in a beautiful form.
  • If the Moon is placed in Enemy Sign then it makes the person unhappy due to the mother and faces several health issues like increased chances of heart disease, etc.

Moon in 1st (First) House in Vedic Astrology:

Moon in the first house Moon makes a person loner like the 12th house. This position however makes a person think very logically. Every move is calculated, and they do not tend to be very emotional unless being aspected by Mars in cancer, as in a Capricorn ascendant. Moon in the first house makes a person restless, but a good business-minded individual. But usually ruins the relationship with the mother if in the enemy sign.
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Moon in 2nd (Second) House in Vedic Astrology:

Moon in the second house is not a good placement for Moon, since it gives lots of wasteful spending habits to a person, and they can’t control their spending, however, the person usually is born in a wealthy family, but they are very extravert, especially in the sign of Leo and Gemini.
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Moon in 3rd (Third) House in Vedic Astrology:

Moon in the third house makes a person very witty, and clever. In this position the person has good communicative ability however, their relationship with the mother suffers since this is originally the house ruled by Gemini: Mercury and Mercury is the enemy of Moon, but Moon is neutral to Mercury. This house gives love for media, writing, and journalism. A person can have a very spiritual mind, too.
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Moon in 4th (Fourth) House in Vedic Astrology:

Moon in the 4th House is one of the best positions for Moon since this is the original house of Moon, and Moon feels at home. This is the house of home life and house of mother. The home life of a person is blessed with Moonshine, as the person has good relationship with the mother, father and siblings. Married life, too, is blessed for this person.
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Moon in 5th (Fifth) House in Vedic Astrology:

This position makes a person very artistic, gives them talent in acting, expressing emotions, however, this position can also give struggle in education if the Moon is not strong, because Moon is a very sensitive planet, and being in 5th house of Leo it feels hot and uncomfortable.
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Moon in 6th (Sixth) House in Vedic Astrology:

If Moon is sitting alone in the 6th house without Jupiter or Venus, the relationship with the mother is damaged, the person is used by co-workers, they are not given respect at the workplace, the person is also prone to depression and mind illnesses like schizophrenia and being bi-polar, however, the bi-polar problem usually comes when Moon is sitting with Saturn and Mars or being hemmed between them.
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Moon in 7th (Seventh) House in Vedic Astrology:

In the seventh house Moon gives a good wife, a good relationship in a marriage and business partnership. This person becomes a diplomat and very understanding of others.
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Moon in 8th (Eighth) House in Vedic Astrology:

This is mostly a bad placement for the Moon, as it makes the native’s mother addicted to drugs, and alcohol, which also damages the relationship with the mother. This can also cause depression and psychosis in a person, but only in small cases, but this placement makes a person a mystic as well, as the mind is submerged in the underground world. People can do well in the mining and oil industry in this house as they like to dig deep into the matter of things and business, especially detective. This person will also be interested in mystical subjects.
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Moon in 9th (Ninth) House in Vedic Astrology:

In 9th house, Moon makes a person be very religious than spiritual. The native will also take a long pilgrimage and could become a good teacher. This gives high status in life, education, and work if situated well. These people usually make good professors at college, especially in the subject of philosophy.
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Moon in 10th (Tenth) House in Vedic Astrology:

This position is good for all planets, and in the 10th house Moon gives a career in the medical field or hotel business to most of the people, especially if it’s in the sign of cancer, Libra or Pisces. A female with a tenth house Moon can become one of the best nurses.
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Moon in 11th (Eleventh) House in Vedic Astrology:

Another best position for the Moon is when it is placed in the 11th house of gains like for Cancer ascendants. In this position, the native has lots of female friends, easy gains, easy gains of property and assets. Gives a very religious and spiritual mother, and the mother usually benefits from a baby who has this Moon position.
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Moon in 12th (Twelfth) House in Vedic Astrology:

This position gives birth to very talented writers, healers, and spiritual personalities, the Moon here gives permanent settlement into foreign lands, far from home; usually, a person crosses the sea since Moon represents water. This gives a very spiritual mother, as the mother becomes a very strong figure in the native’s life. This also gives huge profits from far-off lands as well. In this position, the Moon gives lots of hidden talent and powers to the native, with a very deep & creative mind.
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