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Mercury in 8th House in Astrology

Mercury in 8th House in Astrology

Mercury in 8th house in Astrology represents family or married life, dealing with the in-laws. It signifies joint assets with the family or spouse and how well joint assets will be. It is the house of a cult and secrecy. It is a house of sudden events, secrecy and history.

Mercury in the 8th house in Astrology is not a good position for Mercury to be in as it forces it to be isolated, be a quiet personality, and give lots of skin problems and pain in the back and hands.

Significance and Characteristics of Native of Mercury in 8th House in Astrology

  • Eighth House is known for knowledge of the underground, government taxes, secret government policies. It is a house of sudden events, sudden surgery, a sudden accident or sudden death. Sometimes sudden things include good things like suddenly winning a lottery, suddenly getting a house or a job.
  • The native of Mercury in the eighth house applies intelligence and the logical mind into digging for things. The native could be a palaeontologist, an archaeologist or in any relevant field as they dig deep to learn or observe or analyse something because analysing data comes with intelligence.
  • The eighth house is also significant in terms of the throat, family history and family lineage. The native, by digging deep in their family history, learns about his family and makes it resourceful. The Mercury in the eighth house is significant in speech and enhancement of speaking abilities. The native can be very communicative with the in-laws and family, but miscommunication with family is expected if planets are displaced.
  • The native’s communicative ability goes into the deep philosophical things of life. The curiosity of knowing and learning new things in the eighth house can lead natives to dig for intellectual things. It can be troublesome when it is rerouted towards dealing with family issues because family issues are not as intellectual.

Mercury in 8th House in Astrology

What does 8th House Signify in Astrology?

The 8th House rules the death and rebirth of a person or how one rises after a great fall in their life. This house also shows money through in-laws and friends as loans from them. Financial loans for home or business is also shown from this house.

Deep-rooted issues of one’s life and one’s interests or lack of interests in the mystical world such as astrology, magic, tantric practices, and ghosts are shown from this house. 8th house also represents the life span of a person. This is simply the house of the occult.

Government taxes, spies, and business-related to secret government dealings are seen from the 8th house. The 8th house is a death-inflicting house (Marka House), as the 8th house deals with things buried deep beneath the earth.

Physically, the 8th House corresponds to the lowest part of the trunk, the genitals, anus, and the eliminatory system. Scorpio corresponds to the 8th house and adds the signification of sudden calamities.

What does Mercury represent in Astrology ?

Mercury in 8th House makes a person intelligent, because, in order for anyone to have good communication, one needs to be intelligent.

Mercury also represents a native’s business and management skills due to his calculative and logical nature and love for the marketplace.

Mercury in Astrology represents speech. It also governs the logical and intellectual side of the mind, the thinking process that precedes speech, the ability to communicate and anything related to language, whether it’s using symbols, logic, information processing, or connecting with people or things.

Auspicious Results of Mercury in 8th House in Astrology

  • One will be pleasant-natured, egoistic, thoughtful, religious, and benevolent.
  • One will have faith in religion and will have self-respect.
  • One will be known for his talents, humility and will be respected and recognized.
  • One will be truthful and respectful towards guests.
  • One will be inclined towards spiritual knowledge.
  • One may be knowledgeable about spiritual shastras and secretive skills.
  • One will have a good memory.
  • One will rear one’s family and will be an excellent person.
  • One will attain many high positions at the age of 25.
  • One will become famous nationally and internationally.
  • One will acquire a lot of property.
  • One will easily get the company of the opposite sex due to his beautiful physique and pleasure-loving temperament.
  • One will also enjoy the company of the opposite sex.
  • One will be live long.
  • One might live up to the age of 100.
  • One will die comfortably.
  • One will die happily in a place or pilgrimage.
  • One may be in a cautious state of mind at the time of death.
  • Sudden gains are possible, for example – from the lottery.

Mercury in 8th House in Vedic Astrology

Inauspicious Results of Mercury in 8th House in Astrology

  • One will remove the problems of others.
  • Auspicious results may be gained.
  • The spouse lives happily with the native and keeps his secrets.

Note: The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon a complete analysis of the horoscope (birth-chart).

Mercury in 8th House for Various Ascendants in Astrology

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