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Mercury in 5th house in Astrology shows that all those who want to be in the limelight, in theater, in public, then this is the best position for creative and artistic Mercury (Mercury in the 5th house). This position is all about fun & games, but also about learning ancient texts and secrets of the world. Mercury in 5th house in Vedic Astrology person makes one of the best writing communicators, especially in a romance novel writing, as the 5th house is about love and romance, too. This is a good position to have if you want to become an astrologer.

Mercury in 5th House in Astrology

What does 5th House Signify in Vedic Astrology?

The 5th House represents children, fun, creativity, past life karma, education, speculative business, entertainment, ancient knowledge, media,
writing, and the stock market. I say media and writing because 5th house is 3rd from the 3rd house, which becomes the 2nd choice for looking at an individual's creativity.

The 5th House represents education and learning, intelligence, and one's mental inclinations. The liver, stomach, and spleen are next after the chest. Note that the division between the 4th and 5th house corresponds to the diaphragm that separates the chest from the space below. The liver is an extremely intelligent and complex organ that regulates a. lot of chemical processes in the body. The liver is also able to re-grow itself if parts are removed. This supports the fifth house signification of intelligence and adds creativity. Simha (Leo) is the corresponding sign and adds to the signification of intellect (Surya represents the brain).

What does Mercury represent in Astrology?

Mercury in 5th house person is intelligent because in order for anyone to have good communication, one needs to be intelligent. Mercury is also our
business and management skills due to his calculative and logical nature, and love for the marketplace.

Mercury in Vedic Astrology represents speech. It also governs the logical and intellectual side of the mind, the thinking process that precedes speech, and the ability to communicate and anything related to language, using symbols, logic, information processing, and connecting with people or things. The influences on Mercury in the chart will determine the clarity of one's intellect and speech and the ability to communicate.

Auspicious Results of Mercury in 5th House in Astrology

  • One is good-looking, attractive, and always pure.
  • One will be happy, intelligent, sweet spoken and will have a sharp brain.
  • One will be skilled at debating.
  • One will keep people under one’s control through one’s behavior.
  • One will be enterprising, skilled at work, contented, patient, well behaved and of good character.
  • One is polite, magical, pleasant natured and solitude-loving.
  • One will be a devotee of Gods, teachers, and brahmins.
  • One would be able to keep people under one’s influence through one’s behavior.
  • One’s mind will be pure. One will be educated and will be business-minded.
  • One with mercury in 5th house will be scholarly and knowledgeable about many subjects.
  • One’s happiness and valor increase due to knowledge.
  • One will be knowledgeable about mantras and their shastras.
  • One might be able to skillfully use the mantras of Jagran, Maaran, and Schatten.
  • One with mercury in 5th house will be blessed with a son and grandsons.
  • One will stay at the back and keep others in the forefront in the matter of work.
  • One will be famous and impressive in local gatherings.
  • One may be a writer, a poet, or dramatist, a novelist or interested in literature.
  • One with mercury in 5th house is no shortage of money and wealth and property are attained.
  • One will earn wealth through one’s own efforts.
  • One will be inclined towards gambling and speculation.
  • One will have a big circle of friends. 
  • One with mercury in 5th house will be happy and blessed with a spouse.
  • One One with mercury in 5th house will be blessed with a mother.
  • One will be interested in wearing different types of clothes.
  • One will be honored in the royal court.
  • One will stay at the back himself and keep others in the forefront in the matter of work.     
  • Due to some planetary positions, auspicious results are experienced.     
  • Planetary combinations signify an early completion of education by the age of 23.     
  • One has a sharp brain and a good voice.     
  • One is slightly short-tempered but prudent, judicious, liberal and will stay amiably with people.     
  • If Mercury is in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius then one will be conversant with mathematics, logic, astrology and dance.     
  • One will gain through speculation and lottery.     
  • One is endowed with a spouse, son, friends, wealth, education, and fame.

Inauspicious Results of Mercury in 5th House in Astrology

  • One will suffer physical pain and may have an ordinary brain.
  • One will be proud and quarrelsome and may perform impious deeds.
  • One is greedy, selfish, and fraudulent.
  • Due to the company of wicked people, one may speak harshly. 
  • There may be obstacles in the birth of a son. However, there may be many daughters.
  • There may be hurdles in the birth of a son.
  • There may be few children, and they may be ailing.
  • There is a chance of more female children.
  • One may not have a son and may have to adopt a son.
  • One’s son may not be trustworthy.
  • The son may expire soon after one’s marriage.
  • The maternal uncle may expire.
  • When Mercury is in the fifth bhava, then the maternal uncle may be ailing.
  • One may expire in the fifth or twenty-sixth year. One’s father may face hardships.     
  • There may be many daughters.     
  • The family may be destroyed.

Note: The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon a complete analysis of the horoscope (birth-chart).

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