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Mercury in 2nd house in Astrology makes on a businessman, especially in the public speaking and writing business, but more so in public speaking, politics, and law. Mercury also gives a very fun upbringing for the native, with lots of communication between the families. Mercury in the 2nd house in Vedic Astrology also gives love for computer and electronic engineering.

Mercury in 2nd House in Astrology

What does 2nd House Signify in Vedic Astrology?

The 2nd House family, fixed assets, speech, family business, possessions of things, throat, this also includes married life (some only count 7th house as marriage house, but 2nd and 4th is also important as they rule the home life in eastern astrology) This house is also death inflicting house (Marka House)
Marka means houses that mentally &physically kill you, as 2nd represents the family, it will do your work, think, argue, fight and disagree with
people in your family if it is ill in your chart. The negative aspect of such a house can drain anyone to their death.

The 2nd House represents the family we are born into, which we get immediately after birth. Along with the family, we also get the social status of that family that determines to a certain extent our financial future. Therefore wealth is signified too.
Physically, the face is part of the body next to the skull. The face, eyes, nose, and mouth are all signified here, and so are eating and speaking, which are done with the mouth. The correspondence with Taurus (fixed, Earthy, and ruled by Shukra. (Venus)) adds to the signification of wealth and luxuries. You have the Moon in this house. Therefore it is an important house.

What does Mercury represent in Astrology?

Mercury in 2nd house person is intelligent because, for anyone to have good communication, one needs to be intelligent. Mercury is also our
business and management skills due to his calculative and logical nature and love for the marketplace.

Mercury in Vedic Astrology represents speech. It also governs the logical and intellectual side of the mind, the thinking process that precedes speech, and the ability to communicate and anything related to language, using symbols, logic, information processing, and connecting with people or things. The influences on Mercury in the chart will determine the clarity of one's intellect and speech and the ability to communicate.

Auspicious Results of Mercury in 2nd House in Astrology

  • One is healthy, one’s face is calm, one’s speech is soft and sweet, and one may have a mark of a "Tilak" on one’s forehead or one’s eyes.
  • One will be cultured, talented, liberal, and well-behaved.
  • One will be of polite nature.
  • A person born under this influence is intelligent.
  • One’s speech is serene and sweet.
  • One will be skilled at talking and will speak clearly. 
  • One is a speaker and a philosopher.
  • One’s public speeches are as powerful and impressive as a lion's.
  • One is law-abiding, knowledgeable, skilled at talking about the shastras, and a poet.
  • One’s charitable capacity will be unlimited, and scholars will be full of praise.
  • One will be economical and accumulative.
  • One will perform good deeds, be enterprising and judicious.
  • One will be brave and valiant on the strength of one’s powerful arms.
  • One will excel at the knowledge of shastras, business, and education.
  • One’s working capacity is fast and sharp.
  • One will attain a lot of knowledge in the fifteenth year.
  • One will be knowledgeable about music.
  • One will be endowed with good food.
  • One will eat a lot of sweets with one’s food.
  • One is wealthy.
  • One will accumulate wealth based on one’s intellect.
  • One will accumulate wealth cleverly and become a millionaire.
  • One will be blessed with a spouse and wealth.
  • One will make money in the 36th year.
  • One will earn wealth suddenly.
  • One will have wealth, prosperity, beautiful clothes, and ornaments.
  • One will regain one’s lost wealth.
  • One will earn money through writing, speaking, brokerage and shorthand.
  • One generally goes into that profession where reading is important.
  • One will be a lawyer by profession.
  • Business-class people prosper in this combination.
  • Professors, principals, directors, and officers get good salaries.
  • One will enjoy money and the opposite sex.
  • One is happy like a bee and enjoys all pleasures of life.
  • One with Mercury in 2nd house will perform pious deeds and be recognized by the state.
  • One is devoted to one’s father and elders.
  • One with Mercury in 2nd house will be friendly and good.     
  • One with Mercury in 2nd house will practice all that one has learned.

Inauspicious Results of Mercury in 2nd House in Astrology

  • One with Mercury in 2nd house will always suffer skin ailments.
  • There will be some problems with one’s speech.     
  • One does not practice what one has learned.
  • One’s nature is wicked and one will suffer from gastric problems.     
  • Some inauspicious results are experienced.

Note: The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon a complete analysis of the horoscope (birth-chart).

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