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Mars in Different Houses | Effects of Mars in 12 Houses in Astrology Birth Chart

The Best Position for Mars in the 10th house or the sign of Capricorn can make one anything they desire to be; this is one planetary placement that should be desired by all those who want to achieve good for themselves and the world because they will. Mars in different houses gives different results. The following list covers the effects of Mars in 12 Houses in Birth Chart or Horoscope:-

Mars in 1st (First) House in Astrology:

Mars gives excellent results in the 1st house; Mars gives enough will power to the native to succeed in the business world. Mars promotes self-employment more than service in the house of self. Mars also gives a spouse of fiery nature. This is a great position to have Mars if you are in the real estate business. On the negative, this house causes many accidents in one's life.
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Mars in 2nd (Second) House in Astrology:

In this position, Mars gives many in-coming gains and lavish lifestyle tendencies, with some break-in education yet a strong sex drive.
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Mars in 3rd (Third) House in Astrology:

Mars in the 3rd house makes one courageous and makes them bold enough to achieve their goals.
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Mars in 4th (Fourth) House in Astrology:

Mars loses all its power in the 4th house unless in a good sign like Capricorn or Aries. Mars is forced to force things that it has no experience in, like putting a soldier in the kitchen to wash dishes. Mars in the 4th house may also produce a spouse who might cheat on the native, or the natives themselves might cheat.
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Mars in 5th (Fifth) House in Astrology:

Mars in the 5th house makes one creative, with a lot of sex drive and passion. This position also makes the native accidents prone.
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Mars in 6th (Sixth) House in Astrology:

This is a courageous place for Mars. In the sixth house, Mars makes one a fighter and a destroyer of enemies. This is also a good place for becoming a doctor, nurse, or medical field. This placement of Mars also brings about a lot of anger into a person like the 1st and 2nd house. This Mars is also prone to having many debts in their life, which usually gets repaid after 37, 42 or 54.
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Mars in 7th (Seventh) House in Astrology:

In this house, Mars makes one a sex addict or may cheat a lot on his/her spouse if there is no benefit aspect on Mars. Not to sound rude, but most prostitutes have Mars in the 7th house or Libra's sign. This brings about lots of trouble in marriage and fights with other people, especially in the legal field. This position, however, gives a lot of courage to accomplish plenty of tasks.
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Mars in 8th (Eighth) House in Astrology:

The 8th house can give a long life, gains through manufacturing business, medical business, police force and communication.
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Mars in 9th (Ninth) House in Astrology:

In the 9th house, Mars makes one a sexual sportsman, someone who knows true passion, but at the same time makes one a diplomat and well educated in the art of weaponry. This Mars a lot calmer than other places, as it gives spiritual guidance to the native.
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Mars in 10th (Tenth) House in Astrology:

Mars in the 10th house in one planetary position that far exceeds any other planetary exaltation point. If Mars is in the 10th house while other planets are weak, native will still achieve a huge amount of success in all aspects of life because the will to succeed is there in huge tanks. This Mars will go against all odds to make them stand out in the ground. If you want a business partner, this native is the one for you. This Mars can succeed in any field, from law, politics, arts, medical and business.
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Mars in 11th (Eleventh) House inAstrology:

In 11th house, Mars makes one a very loving person by nature, who loves having the company of friends most of the time. This Mars brings many gains into one's life, perhaps more than one ever expected. However, this Mars is not so strong-willed unless it’s in Leo or Capricorn's sign.
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Mars in 12th (Twelfth) House in Astrology:

Mars in the 12th house brings a lot of anger, frustration and delays in one's life from marriage and career. Mars in the 12th house also makes one quite lazy and a lavish shopper. There is a lot of debt on these people, more so than Mars in the 6th house.
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