Maa Kushmanda Aarti Lyrics | Maa Kushmanda Aarti Lyrics in English

Maa Kushmanda Aarti Lyrics

Maa Kushmanda Aarti

Kushmanda is a Goddess with a heavenly smile. She is the fourth incarnation of the Hindu Goddess Durga. Kushmanda is worshipped on the fourth day of the Navratri festival and is said to improve health, riches, and strength. Goddess Kushmanda is also known as ‘Ashtabhuja Devi’ because of her eight hands. Her Jap Mala is said to contain all of the power to confer Siddhis and Niddhis.

It is said that she created the entire universe, known in Sanskrit as Brahmanda, by simply flashing a smile. When the universe was nothing but a dark void, a ray of heavenly light, which exists at all times, extended throughout the nothingness, illuminating every dark corner. This void of light had no shape.

Lord Surya’s power is derived from her. Surya’s light and energy will dull and fade away without her, and he would become weak. Lord Surya not only gives life to the creation, but she is also responsible for it. That is Mahashakti’s power that allows him to do so, and it is what she does when she comes in the form of Kushmanda.

Maa Kushmanda Aarti Lyrics in English

Maa Aarti Teri Gaate,
Maiyya Aarti Teri Gaate.
Kushmanda Mahamaya,
Hum Tumko Dhyaate.

Maa Aarti Teri Gaate.

Hey Jagdamba Dayamayi,
Aadi Swaroopa Maa.
Dev, Rishi, Muni, Gyaani,
Gun Tere Gaate.

Maa Aarti Teri Gaate.

Kar Brahmand Ki Rachana,
Kushmanda Kehlaye.
Ved Purana Bhawani,
Sab Yehi Batalate.

Maa Aarti Teri Gaate.

Surya Loka Nivasini,
Tumko Koti Pranam.
Sammukh Tere Paap Aur,
Dosh Na Tik Paate.

Maa Aarti Teri Gaate.

Ashta Bujhe Maa Shakti,
Simha Vahini Hai Tu.
Bhav Sindhu Se Tarte,
Darshan Jo Paate.

Maa Aarti Teri Gaate.

Maa Kushmanda Aarti Lyrics in English

Maa Kushmanda Aarti Lyrics in English

Ashta Siddhi Nau Nidhiyan,
Haath Tere Mata.
Paa Jate Hain Sahaj Hi,
Jo Tumko Dhyaate.

Maa Aarti Teri Gaate.

Shashtra Vidhi Se Vidhibhat,
Jo Pujan Karte.
Aadi Shakti Jag Janani,
Teri Daya Pate.

Maa Aarti Teri Gaate.

Nav Durgon Mein Maiyya,
Chautha Sthaan Tera.
Chauthe Navratre Ko,
Bhakt Tujhe Dhyaate.

Maa Aarti Teri Gaate.

Aadhi Vyaadhi Sab Harke,
Sukh Samruddhi Do.
Hey Jagdamba Bhawani,
Itni Daya Chahte.

Maa Aarti Teri Gaate.

Kushmanda Ji Ki Aarti,
Jo Koi Gaave.
Kahat Shivanand Swami,
Manvanchhit Phal Paave.

Maa Aarti Teri Gaate.

Benefits of Reciting Maa Kushmanda Aarti

  • Maa Kushmanda provides the devotee with a path filled with protection, good luck, and riches.
  • Worshippers of Maa Kushmanda create a divine aura around them.
  • Maa Kushmanda defends the devotees from all demons and evil eye creatures.
  • It is stated that praying to Maa Kushmanda will help one prevent problems in marriage.
  • The devotee would be provided nourishment and care  by Maa Kushmanda.
  • If devotees offer prayers to Maa Kushmanda, the devotee’s married life would be stable.
  • By guiding followers down the right path, Maa Kushmanda would reward them with knowledge and insight.
  • Devotees will develop patience, courage, and control as a result of praying or performing Maa Kushmanda aarti.
  • Chanting Maa Kushmanda aarti will provide the devotee a strong willpower and courage.
  • After worshipping Maa Kushmanda , devotees would feel satisfied, stable, fearless, and calm.
  • If the devotee recites Maa Kushmanda aarti, hardships, problems, negativity, and the evil eye will not affect him.
  • Kushmanda is ready to annihilate the wicked, but she is a gentle and sympathetic mother to her worshippers, pouring serenity and wealth.

Best Day and Time to Recite Maa Kushmanda Aarti

  • Best day to perform  Maa Kushmanda aarti is the fourth day of navratri, as she is the fourth Goddess among all navadurgas.
  • Abhijeet, Vijay and Godhuli Muhrat are considered best to perform Maa Kushmanda aarti, which will vary every year according to the hindu calendar and panchang.
  • At home, aarti can be performed in morning as well in evening after taking bath and wearing fresh clothes.

Offerings in Maa Kushmanda Aarti

  • Maa Kushmanda is Goddess Durga’s married avatar, and 16 Shringar samagri, such as sindoor, kajal, bindi, bangles, and toe rings, are offered to Maa Kushmanda  on this day.
  • The idol of Maa Kushmanda receives a bhog of halwa, malpua, and curd in addition to this.
  • The Goddess is fond of red roses and wields the power of Siddhis while holding japmala in her palm.
  • After the entire process has been completed, pray and do the aarti.
  • Ghee diya in temples or at home should be lit before performing the aarti.
  • Shankh should be blown and bells should be ringing while and after the completion of aarti with Durga Saptashati lessons.

Pooja Vidhi for Maa Kushmanda Aarti

  • Place the idol of Kushmanda Maa in a clean place or in a steel plate used for aarti and do the abhishek of the idol with gangajal or milk with rose petals.
  • After the bath, one must dry clean the idol of the Goddess with clean, untouched or new cloth.
  • Place the idol at the designated place in the temple and offer red coloured clothes to the Goddess with srinagar, kumkum and red rose flowers.
  • Light the deepak or diya filled with ghee and resume the pooja with offerings of flowers and sweets and conclude with the aarti.

Pooja Mantra or Dhyan Mantra

  • The Pooja Mantra or Jaap (Dhyan Mantra) hold significance for the meditating purposes and peace in the spiritual lifestyle of the devotee.
  • One may recite the mantra for however long with a rosary (mala) with a count of 108 times or in any other suitable way as long as the purpose is to serve the spiritual path in oneself.
  • The mantra can be recited anytime of day and after the completion of the aarti or pooja, one may sit on the aasan in front of the Goddess and recite the jaap mantra for the benefits of inner and mental peace.
  • The mantra that should be recited after Maa Kushmanda pooja and aarti is “Om Devi Kushmandayai Namah”.

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