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Lord of 5th House in 12th House in Astrology

Attempts to acquire proper education might have proven futile in your life, and if you get one, you might have to travel far to get one due to Lord of 5th house in 12th house. Mentally you might get spaced-out at times, but sometimes you may get an idea that seems far-fetched but with time turns out true. But many of your mental efforts may get diffused and wasted, and you may take risks and lose from it. The best expression of your mind might be in the service

of the common good, in sacrifice to others. There you might find your real mental strength. There might be some difficulties with your children, either in terms of your relationship with them or their lives they have to face great challenges or residence in a foreign country.

What is meant by Sign (Rashi) Lord or Sign (Rashi) Lordship in Astrology?

  • The Sign (Rashi) lordships of the Planets play a vital role in the interpretation of the birth chart. It is essential to understand its principles thoroughly.
  • We have seen that each Sign (Rashi) has a planetary ruler. We have also seen that each Sign (Rashi) corresponds to a house (bhava). Whatever is the ruler of the Rashi becomes the ruler of the corresponding house.
  • The ruler of the house (bhava) fully represents the house. Wherever the house ruler is placed, it will cause an effect according to the nature of the one or two houses it rules.
  • Even though we said that the ruler fully represents the house, the way the influence is delivered varies greatly depending on the Planets (Graha), the ruler.
  • The actual effects of the Planet are a mix of its characteristics and of the house(s) it rules.

Description of Lord of 5th House in 12th House in Vedic Astrology

  • Parashara Hora: The native will be bereft of happiness from his own sons, will have an adopted or purchased son.
  • Satya Jatakam: With Shubha Yoga, he will enjoy the pleasures of the bed. He may become detached from worldly affairs and will be engaged in the meditation of Brahma. One of his sons may die, due to which he will become a monk renouncing everything.
    Ultimately he will attain salvation. The evil results are possible when there is an Ashubha Yoga, and things will be of mixed nature in the presence of Mishra Yogas. (Combinations of good and bad occurring simultaneously.)
  • Sanketa Nidhi: Son becomes enemy, no issues, purchases a boy to adopt him as his son, adopts a child of another as his son.