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Ketu in 12th House in Astrology | Health, Career, Wealth & Relationship

The position of Ketu in 12th house in Astrology is by far the best as it promises enlightenment by making this the last life for the native, gives them the psychic ability and spiritual powers that might be hidden until the age of 42.

Ketu in 12th House in Astrology

What does 12th House Signify in Vedic Astrology?

The 12th House of mystery, your hidden talent, your hidden magic, foreign country settlement, losses but, not necessarily loss of money, it could be loss of enemies or health, as in, you’ll lose enemies, which stands for: you may not have many enemies, or you may not have too many diseases in your
possession. If you look at this house carefully, 12th house, which is known as the house of losses or expenditure, can also work to your advantage.
We’ll talk about this later. The 12th house is a major player in the careers of fictional writers, as 12th house takes you into a different dreamland and dimension required for a fantasy writer.

The twelfth house represents the final stage of life and the inevitable death. Any loss or expenditure is signified by the 12th. Positive applications include investments, donations, and getting rid of unwanted things. Negative applications are death, losses, unexpected expenses, theft. The 12th house represents the last portion of the legs, the feet. The 12th house corresponds to Pisces. Jupiter adds a spiritual value to the 12th, and the loss of bondage to the relative aspect of life is indicated: enlightenment or, in Sanskrit, "Moksha."

What does Ketu represent in Astrology?

Ketu is the south node of the Moon and the rest of the body of Rahu. This is a headless body representing separation, isolation, and the material world's abandonment. This shadow planet represents spirituality, nothingness, and goals that we already achieved in past lives. In this life, we only rely on those things as a last resort.

Ketu in Astrology is also an unsteady and sometimes treacherous force. Still, its qualities are more of an abstract, inward nature, in contrast to Rahu, who is more concerned with outward, worldly matters. Ketu can bring hindrance and obstacles in the physical realm of life but indicate sparks of intelligence and the mind's brilliance. The above significations are extremely important to know by heart. You should memorize them and use them often to remind yourself of the essential nature of the Grahas.

Auspicious Results of Ketu in 12th House in Astrology

  • One with Ketu in 12th house will always have progress and promotion.
  • One with Ketu in 12th house may have beautiful eyes and a good education.
  • One with Ketu in 12th house will be as happy and prosperous as a king.
  • One might be a poet, knowledgeable in Shastras.
  • One with Ketu in 12th house will defeat and destroy enemies.
  • One will be victorious in debates.
  • One will spend one’s money for pious work and use one’s wealth for worthy causes.
  • One will become as prosperous as a king and also spend like a king.
  • One is very capable, saintly, and will have control over one’s senses.

Inauspicious Results of Ketu in 12th House in Astrology

  • One is untruthful and fraudulent.
  • One may have an energetic mind, be untrustworthy, and cheat people through one’s knowledge of ghosts and spirits.
  • One may sin secretively, be cowardly in conflicting matters, tread the wrong path, and not perform pious deeds.
  • One’s mind may be restless. One may be extravagant, poor, pitiable, and miserly.
  • One may destroy old wealth.
  • One may spend money for wicked deeds.
  • One may suffer ailments of the eyes, ailments related to the navel and its area.
  • One may have pain in the legs and feet.
  • One may be deprived of the bliss of a maternal uncle.
  • One will undergo a lot of migration.

Note: The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon a complete analysis of the horoscope (birth-chart).

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