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Kama Trikona House in Astrology | Secret of Desires in Vedic Astrology

The third Thrikona is Kama Trikona House in Astrology and it includes the 3rd, 7th and 11th houses. As we know now, Kama means material desires and therefore these are the houses of material desires.

Let’s start with the 3rd house which is a seed of desire. 3rd house indicates adventures, short distance travel and communication. It also indicates skills and siblings. 3rd house being a seed of desires indicate the beginning of desires

. It also indicates cohabitation.

Naturally, the next house in this trine is the 7th house. This house indicates the flowering of desires. 7th house indicates spouse and partnerships in business.

Finally, the 11th house indicates fruits of desires. It indicates earnings from profession, friends and fulfilments. The 11th house is very important for the fulfilment of any type of desire. We will discuss more in the coming course posts at Vidhyamitra. A quick summary of indications of Kama Purushartha Thrikona is mentioned in the below table.

Third HouseSeventh HouseEleventh House
Siblings Spouse / Partners Friends
Adventure / Courage Fatal Events Support / Gains
Short Journeys Foreign Land Gains from actions