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Jupiter in 1st House for Taurus Ascendant in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter in 1st House for Taurus Ascendant in Vedic Astrology

Characteristics of Jupiter in 1st House for Taurus Ascendant

  • The native is unhealthy. He suffers from some health problems.
  • He is to exercise for improving his health and to become fit.
  • This is essential to get the advantage of a long span of life.
  • He intelligent and gets higher education. He is not happy with the children.
  • They create problems. He suffers because of them.
  • He is unhappy with his wife and experiences a lack of domestic happiness.
  • He suffers hurdles and hindrances in business and hardly gets some success.
  • He is unlucky and irreligious.
  • He has no faith in the power of the almighty God and does not participate in religious activities.
  • He is always worried about his health.
  • He takes pain to work hard to get success and good gains.
  • He thinks of his dignity and prosperity in society.

What does 1st House in Astrology Signify?

  • The first house represents the birth itself, becoming an individual. It represents life overall, the self, and the whole body. Whatever influences the first house will impact the entire life, the personality, the body and the complexion. Events happening during and shortly after birth also belong to the 1st house.
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  • Physically, the 1st house in Astrology corresponds to the 1st part of our body, the head in general_ and the skull and brain in particular.
  • The correspondence with Mesha (Aries) adds physical mobility and overall strength. You have the Lagna lord in this house. Therefore it is an important house.

What does Jupiter represent in Vedic Astrology?

  • Guru (Jupiter) represents knowledge. Jupiter signifies higher education, wisdom embodied in spiritual traditions and religion.
  • As gaining knowledge is essential for evolution and spiritual growth,
    Jupiter also indicates the general principle of growth in life. Physically, Jupiter relates to the growth of the body; Mentally, to the increase of happiness and sense of fullness; and socially, to the family's growth in the front of progeny.
  • Guru signifies prosperity and fortune in life.

What does Taurus Ascendant in Astrology signify?

  • The person born in the Taurus ascendant has the colour of the body as white or wheat.
  • He is a woman-like nature, sweet-spoken, sweet-hearted, with long teeth and malformed hair, seated in excellent company, impetuous, generous-tempered, devout, virtuous, intelligent, patient, brave-hearted, courageous, extremely talented, Of a very calm nature, but showing his strong valour in fighting or fighting on occasion, suffering from his family, bickering, suffering from scripture, suffering from wealth, suffering from mental illness or worries, and unhappy.
  • The person is a friend, a friend and a full person.
  • According to some scholars, a person born in Taurus ascendant, after his 37 years, also suffers many kinds of sorrows.