Homosexuality in Astrology - Which Planetary Conjunctions Can Predict Homosexuality?

Homosexuality In Astrology - The Planetary Conjunctions That Can Predict Homosexuality Are :

1. Lesbians in Astrology -

Moon and Mars conjunction - This conjunction can also lead to impulsive anger, especially if Mars is debilitated while sitting with the Moon. If Mars and the Moon are well balanced due to the ascendant, then in the 2nd House it can produce a very energetic public speaker who knows how to electrify the crowd. This conjunction also makes a person very stubborn about their decisions. Once they make their decision, they will go through with it, even though it will be the wrong one. When this conjunction occurs in a woman's chart, it can make her more masculine as Mars energy influences the Moon more than the Moon influences Mars in a woman's chart.

Moon Mercury Venus conjunction - In the 12th and 8th Houses, this can result in an individual who is homosexual. But, these three planets are located in male signification and have to be in a male nakshatra to allow this to happen and is extremely rare. Interest in the same sexual sex is the case when a male is feminine in many ways and females have numerous masculine characteristics. This happens when the majority of their planets fall in the feminine or masculine sign.

2. Gays in Astrology -

Sun and Venus conjunction can be responsible for the gays in Vedic Astrology. The Sun is a masculine energy while Venus is a feminine energy, and this conjunction occurring in a man's 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 12th House can lead to a decline in masculine energy. It can produce someone who might be gay or loves feminine things in life even if they are straight. A good example would be a fashion designer or home decorator.

3. Cupiosexual in Astrology -

Cupiosexual describes asexual people who don’t experience sexual attraction but still have the desire to engage in sexual behaviour or a sexual relationship.

Mars and Ketu conjunction in Vedic Astrology signifies the same behaviour. In this conjunction, Ketu makes Mars dissatisfied because it's unable to find perfection. This is why it can lead to extramarital affairs if such conjunction aspects or sits in the 7th House. These natives will not be satisfied sexually with anyone. It doesn't matter if it's Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn. Mars has the hardest time dealing with his actions when in the company of such malefics.

4. Asexual in Astrology

In Sun Venus Ketu Conjunction in Vedic Astrology, there is a sense of dissatisfaction from sexual pleasure. Because of Venus, the native is able to look at the world around them but is unable to find anyone else who understands their thoughts. Self-image is viewed by the reflections of others, particularly romantic partners, however, nothing happens. The person is not ego-driven, and this creates a lonely personality who seeks happiness in spiritual spaces and ultimately is looking for a spiritual partner regardless of whether it's a male or woman. The process takes time to allow an identity to be established and eventually, it leads to the path to enlightenment moksha, spirituality, and.

5. Bi-Sexual in Astrology -

Moon Venus Mars conjunction - Venus and Mars the conjunction is creating an intense stew, the Moon causes the mind to constantly contemplate being in a relationship with other people particularly sexual relationships. In the sign associated with Gemini and Aquarius, the Moon can be prone to bring bisexuality because the mind is in a mix of feminine and masculine energy.

Note for Homosexuality in Astrology

Several energies are mixing with each other creating a unique blend. One must still judge who is winning the planetary war by sign placement and degree placement. A planet in his or her own sign that is being exalted will be more powerful, while the planet with the lowest degrees, (other than Rahu and Ketu) will have the most positive influence on the winner of the war.