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Education in Astrology

Houses and their Significance in Education

Education is one such aspect that is crucial for every being. With the help of one’s individual birth chart, the determination of education becomes a lot more easier. 

Education of a person can be seen from the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 9th house. In order to judge the kind and level of education of the native, it is necessary to understand the significance and lords of these houses in a birth chart.  

Also, planets play a crucial role in ascertaining the education prospect of a person. Mercury and Jupiter are benefic planets that promote education, whereas Rahu, Mars and Saturn are malefic planets that lead to a lack of education.  

2nd House and Education in Astrology

The 2nd house shows the primary level or early-stage education of a native. It denotes the early childhood development and learning of the native, usually from kindergarten to the 8th standard. If any weak or debilitated planet is positioned in this house, then the native is likely to face difficulties and complications in his developmental stages.

The 2nd house is also a determinant of the speaking ability of the native. If there is an influence of any malefic planet, it can deteriorate the speech and communicative abilities of the native, and he might be involved in harsh speech. 

Having planets like Mercury, Venus, Sun and Jupiter would yield a positive influence, and the native will be well versed in scriptures or be a public speaker. 

4th House and Education in Astrology

The 4th house determines the emotional sensitivity and ability towards learning, comprehending the content, and it shows the strength and stability of an individual to grasp anything. 

Any malefic influence on the 4th house makes it hard for the person to comprehend things while studying, and if Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are present in the 4th house, then they bring a difficult time during high school. 

The placement of planets like Venus and Mercury in the 4th house and Sun and Saturn in the 10th house gives the person great interest in government and politics. 

5th House and Education in Astrology

The 5th house is another crucial house to study in the birth chart to denote an individual’s education. It is the basic house of education that indicates how much the native will be educated and till what level and whether or not he will pass the high school education. 

The 5th house of the native’s horoscope can portray a lack of education that may occur when planets like Saturn and Rahu are either sitting or aspecting the 5th house unless positive planets like Jupiter, Mercury or Moon are sitting here.

Even though Venus is a favourable planet, however, it takes away the native’s interest in education and inclines him more towards the media industry when placed in this position.

Another noteworthy fact is that any planet sitting in the 11th house directly impacts the 5th house as it now aspects it. Hence, any malefic planet aspecting the 5th house from the 11th house makes a person struggle greatly in education or gives late education. 

9th House and Education in Astrology

The 9th house is the determinant of the higher education and higher learning of a native after graduation, like the post-graduation degrees like MBA and PhD.

To predict the certainty and success of higher education, it is necessary to look at the condition of the 9th house and the position of the lord of the 9th house. 

If there is influence of malefic planets like Rahu and Saturn in the 9th house, whether they are placed or aspecting it, then there is the possibility of lack or delay in the post-grad education.

Since the 3rd house is directly opposite to the 9th house, the planet sitting there will have a direct impact on higher education. So, when Jupiter is in the 3rd house, it can negate the malefic effect of Saturn or Rahu sitting in the 9th house and make a person achieve higher education.