Determining Career Through Astrology

Most people around us are in a dilemma regarding the career option they should opt for. This is because not everyone has their plans well laid out in terms of their future planning and professional settlement, and due to this fact, it is often observed that people tend to shift from one profession to another till they find the one that suits them the best.

Astrology has a solution for almost everything. With the help of accurate readings of the birth chart, one can predict his expected career option through planetary placements. Even though there are various levels that one must unfold to ascertain the sure-shot profession, but basic reading and analysis can be helpful in order to have an idea of what all options are available.

Determining Career Through Astrology

Houses to focus on :

All the 12 houses in a birth chart have their own characteristics and what they determine. In order to examine the career, the houses to be looked for are 10th, 11th, 6th, 2nd and 3rd. 

10th house and its lord are the main determinants of career and profession. It is the foremost house that should be interpreted along with the planets sitting and aspecting this house. 

The 11th and the 2nd house determine the money factor. The 11th house shows the gains that one can expect in his lifetime, and the 2nd house shows the accumulation of money or savings.

3rd house denotes the efforts one puts into achieving gains or fulfilling his dreams and ambitions.

6th house relates to the job that one performs; hence, it also plays a vital role in discovering a person’s passion.

What planets say about your career?

Each planet portrays a different attribute and has unique characteristics, and hence careers are determined based on a planet’s features. 

Sun in Astrology - Sun defines authority, dictatorship, leadership, and always being on top. Therefore, the career options when Sun is placed in the 10th house are rulers, heads of institutions, officials, administrators, managers, politics, government jobs, doctors, surgeons etc.

Moon in Astrology - Moon represents nourishment, protection, hospitality

and motherly care & concern. Hence, the person with Moon in the 10th house is likely to be in professions like nursing, dairy owners, caterers, pharmacy, psychologist, physician, hotel management, navy or defence, music, travelling jobs etc.

Mars in Astrology - Mars is known as the soldier planet so the native with Mars in the 10th house is expected to be in a profession that requires bravery, valour, courage, and physical and mental strength as in the case of police, defence, surgeon, engineering, builders, masonry, military, athletics etc.

Mercury in Astrology - Mercury is associated with intelligence, analytic reasoning, finance, careful decision making and communicative abilities. Keeping these features in view, the 10th house Mecury native can be seen opting for a career in the banking sector, stockbrokers, lawyers, journalists, teaching, writers, editors, web designing, computer engineers etc.

Jupiter in Astrology - Jupiter denotes wisdom, knowledge, learnings, healing, and generosity. One with Jupiter in the 10th house is can be involved in professions like astrologer, priest, spiritual guru, lecturer, public speaking, philosophers, guides, attorneys etc.

Venus in Astrology - Venus has the main characteristic of a princess denoting that the professions might be involved in beauty, entertainment, creativity, love & passion, and luxury. As a result, the career options include music, art, theatre, designing, textile industry, beauty parlour, prostitution, graphic designing etc. 

Saturn in Astrology - The prominent traits of Saturn are hard work, enthusiasm, perseverance, patience, and misery. Saturn is a slow-moving planet, indicating that the native will take longer to get settled in a profession after a lot of obstructions. When Saturn is positioned in the 10th house, the career options for the native are agriculture, manual labour, mining, coal, iron & steel, petrol, monks etc.  

Rahu in Astrology - Rahu is known for its malefic effects on every aspect of one’s life. It possesses strange and materialistic qualities. Hence, the native with Rahu in the 10th house tends to be in professions that involve thinking out of the box, like detectives, poison manufacturers, magicians, speculators, electrical engineers, research, event management etc.

Ketu in Astrology - The main characteristics of

Ketu are mysticism, spirituality, fantasy, detachment and psychic abilities. Accordingly, the careers of natives with Ketu in the 10th house involve spiritual leaders, philosophers, astrologers, religious heads, priests, preachers, medicines etc.

Final Thoughts

It is imperative to keep in mind that these planetary positions are just predictions and anticipations and may not determine the actual career for the native. It is so because the determination of future and profession does not primarily depend on the birth charts, and there are various other vital factors that should be considered. Moreover, the career that the native will excel in entirely depends on the native’s interests, passion, hard work and determination.