Cancer (Karka) Ascendant

Cancer Ascendant Secrets - Personality, Career & Luck in Astrology

Cancer Ascendant or Karka Lagna persons are very sensitive and intelligent, but they may sometimes be nervous or easily stressed. They are highly emotional and often psychic, they love pleasure and tend to acquire possessions. At their worst, they can be somewhat stingy; at best, they can be kind, supportive, and honest friends. In spite of their gentle and emphatic nature, they are capable of thinking and acting with vigour. Though Cancer ascendant natives are often unlucky in marriage, they are attached and devoted to their children and family. They typically marry a partner who surpasses them in age or overall maturity.

The sign of Cancer in Astrology is the fourth sign of the Zodiac. It consists of 1 Pada of Purnavasu Nakshatra, 4 Padas of Pushya Nakshatra and 4 Padas of Ashlesha Nakshatras. It opens the hidden treasure of emotions lying within the protective outer shell. 

It’s lord is Moon. Its Mool Mantra is “Om Hreem Hiranyagarbha Avayaktarepeene Namah”.

Shubh Ratna (Auspicious Gemstone) of Cancer Ascendant or Kark Lagna is Pearl (Moti).

Cancer Ascendant Physical Appearance

Persons with Cancer Ascendant (Kark Lagna) are of above-average height, heavy body, slender limbs and tight claws. They have long faces and wide chests. So the upper portion of the body is generally large. Their hands and feet are small. At a later age, they get a fat abdomen and a pale complexion. Cancer Ascendants have a rolling and speedy walking style.

Cancer Ascendant Personality Traits

The owner of Cancer Ascendant (Kark Lagna) is Moon which is seen a fortnight waning (Purnima to Amavasya) and fortnight waxing (Amavasya to Purnima). Therefore, the life of such persons is remarkable at one point in time but changeable at the next point in time especially when Saturn influences Moon. If the Moon is placed in a Fixed sign I.e. 2, 5, 8 or 11, then the nature of these persons becomes Moon-like, full of tides and ebbs (ups and downs). They are quite sympathetic. 

Their imagination is fertile but they are often found emotional and over-sensitive. Due to the sensitivity, there is a high degree of nervous irritability in their nature.

In public life, they are generally successful and are capable to achieve honours and wealth. All of sudden, they may get angry but soon their anger disappears. They are fond of their homes and family comforts. They have a very good memory. When they get into old age, they take pleasure in telling their grandchildren the minute details of some good events of their life. 

Cancer Ascendant Women

The ladies with Cancer Ascendant or Kark Lagna are discreet, judicious, independent in many ways. Often they are not easy to cope with the family because of their changing ideas and moods. They are business-minded and can do great in finance, commerce, business, art, creative jobs, etc. The remaining all properties are similar for both men and women with Cancer Ascendants.

Cancer Ascendant Life & Health

They generally prosper in the latter part of their life. They also get benefits of inheritances, with difficulties or obstructions. They may face the disease of hysteria and nervous debility. Cancer ascendants also face difficulties or obstructions in family inheritance. Some of them may face diseases of hysteria and nervous debility. Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna) is a movable sign so these persons are fond of travelling. They are steadfast in their life.

Being Saturn the 7th house owner, they generally have to face an unhappy married life. If beneficiaries aspects or influence the 7th House or the 7th House Owner, then chances of happiness are possible. They take a very long time in coming to a decision.

They love money and like to hoard (collect) a lot of money. Some of the cancer ascendant natives are of a miserable nature. They are all prone to digestive and lung problems and also hysteria, nervous debility, etc.

Cancer Ascendant Professsion / Occupation

The professions suited for these persons are government services, commercial career, business in liquids or sea products, jewellery and gems. They can also do very good in IT & Restaurant businesses.

They can also become leaders or founders of an organisation, religious preachers, jury judges or cabinet ministers. They also make good sailors, sea captains and explorers.

Lucky / Unlucky Years in Life for Cancer Lagna

Lucky Years for Cancer Ascendants are 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 29, 31, 35, 36, 42, 45, 47, 49, 51 and 57 years for Education, Profession, Promotion, Marriage, Progency and other important events.

Unlucky Years for Cancer Ascendants are 5, 25, 37, 39, 40, 48, 50, 52 and 62 years, especially for Health & Wealth.

What is an Ascendant & How to check your Ascendant?

The sign rising at the Eastern horizon at the time of birth is of special importance. It is called the Lagna or the Ascendant. The Ascendant is as per definition the sign that is placed in the first house.

Because the 1st house signifies the personality, the body and the person's life in general, the Ascendant will have a major influence on all of these areas. Whatever the qualities of the rising sign are, those qualities will become very predominant in life.

You can use any Free apps on Google, PlayStore, App Store to generate your birth chart (horoscope). If you have sign 4 in your First House in Horoscope (Birth Chart) then you are a Cancer Ascendant Person.

Cancer (Karka) Rashi Characteristics

  • The 4th sign is Karka (Cancer). Parashara describes Karka (Cancer) as follows: "It is pale red. It relates to forests and represents Brahmins. It is strong during the nights. It has many feet (i.e. it is a centipede rashi) and has a bulky body.
  • It is Sattvic in disposition (seen in gods) and it is a watery rashi. It rises with its back and is ruled by Moon (Chandra.)" Moon is the ruler, and Cancer is a movable, watery and female sign.
  • Moon is a significator for water anyways, so Karka is highly associated with water and the characteristics of water. It is nurturing, supportive, sensitive and emotional. The symbol of Cancer (Kark) is a crab, a water based animal that is always on the go looking for food.
  • The symbolism of the large scissors of the crab seem inappropriate for Karka. People with a prominent Cancer in their chart are changeable, and continuously moving around creating new associations. There are ups and downs like the tides, and the emotions play an important role in everything.

Modern Interpretations of Cancer Ascendant in Vedic Astrology

  • Cancer ascendant natives are sensitive they take things very personally and get hurt very easily. The Lord of the cancer zodiac is the Moon. Moon is a watery element in nature in astrology. Moon represents the mind, feelings and emotions of the native. To understand Cancer Ascendant we need to understand the Planet Moon in astrology. Except for Moon and Sun, all other planets own two zodiac signs.
  • In scriptures it is written when Samudra Manthan was done, many items like poison, Nector and along with it moon also came out and cold rays affected lot to the gods. Then lord shiva took it as an ornament and wear it on his head. The nature of the Moon is very calm. They can get angry but they don’t like to show their anger to others and they don’t want others to burn in that anger. It is hardly seen cancer ascendant natives will shout loudly or fight loudly with other people. Also, they don’t like aggressive nature people in their life.
  • Cancer Ascendant Native always shows feelings and affections towards others. They are not selfish and tend to melt down by looking at the pain of others and they tend to help people with whole heartedly. Their heart feels pain by looking at the pain of other people and they help whole heartedly. According to mythology the way Moon is on the lord shiva head and it gets the quality of shiva as well that is the reason lord shiva is also called as bholenath.
  • Cancer Ascendant don’t have smartness or cunningness, but they have innocence like a child. That is the reason they look at the life like a small kid. They don’t focus on negativeness or negative side of other people. Whatever their heart like they tend to focus on it. The childhood is represented by the moon. That is the reason entire life these native has some child like qualities.
  • The financial condition of Cancer ascendant is always good. Because the 9th House is house of Pisces and Lord is Jupiter. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. So just because of fortune house falls in sign of Jupiter they don’t face misfortune in income. Also the 6th house is house of Sagittarius and because of which these native tend to have stomach related troubles in their life. It is constantly noticed that during sade sati when Saturn transits over cancer sign these native tend to suffer physical ailments and which disturbs their emotionals life. Such situation can arrive because of death of close relative, or physical disease.
  • According to kalpurusha kundli the 4th house is house of cancer and it represents our heart. So these native tend to look at the world and understand this world from the emotional point of view only. For them emotions and sentiments is more important that money and luxury in their life.
  • Many Astrologers think that difficult situation
    in life cannot be handle by Cancer Ascendant but that is not true. Because the symbol of Cancer zodiac is crab. Which lives in water but doesnot eat other fish to survive when someone comes in the trap of crab it is difficult to escape. Similarly, when these native like something and tend to put efforts to achieve it and plan for longer term to achieve it.
  • In kalapurusha kundli the 4th house also represents home and it is the house of Cancer. For Cancer Lagna native home is very important and family life. Most of their life spend in providing the comfort and convenience to their family members. They way the shower their love and affection on their family members they also they shower their love and affection on the society and others as well. The way crab stays in water but comes on surface and relaxes similarly these native feel lot of positiveness if they are close to water or they watch the sceneries of water flowing in their life.
  • Many astrologer believe that cancer ascendant native tend to go outstation for earnings and improvement of fortune but it is mandatory for them to be on cold environment and peace- ful place so that they can feel comfortable. They don’t like noise of city and fast moving life. The way moon wax and wane similarly these native mindset changes a lot and feeling changes a lot on daily basis. Even if there is darkness in their life they turn it in to positive and make thing improve a lot.
  • Whenever the Cancer Lagna feel lonely they tend to travel and try to remember the happy moments of their childhood memories. It also improves their psycho- logical strength. If you spend time with cancer ascendant you will find slowly they will discuss about the events of their childhood and discuss about their parents.
  • As we know the Cancer Lagna native tend to have less physical energy for fighting and competing with others. But when situation comes because of their psychological strength they tend to over come the difficult situation in their life. These native remembers the past in their life in such a way that it recently happened. Even their small thought will be like this that it happen recently. These natives are known for their emotions and emotional strength.
  • Also it is noticed that these native through the medium of dreams can foretell the future. Many events in their life they can predict using their dreams. If they meditate they can increase these capabilities. The door to spirituality is also begins with Cancer zodiac because of emotional attachment towards the divine. Based on my experience the native with Scorpio ascendant which is also watery sign will have more deep understanding of spirituality compare to that of cancer ascendant. But when we reach the last watery sign that is Pisces the spirituality reaches it heights. It is not necessary these native will go to spirituality but if they proceed on this path then cancer zodiac is the first step towards spirituality.
  • These native tend to keep patience in every work they undertake. It is in their nature. Also because of this they tend to loose lot of opportunity in their life as they don’t tend to hurry in doing anything. Even if they are walking, they walk slowly. It looks like they talk or think within themselves while walking and will be very relaxed. If these native tend to do things quite quick then they can achieve great heights in their life. Since Jupiter is exalted in cancer sign these native tend to believe in religion and also goes in teaching or preaching field. Since Cancer ascendant is watery sign if these native do busi- ness related to water or liquid they tend to do good progress and success in their life.
  • Moon also represents mind and deep emotions. When Sun represents only physical eyes. When people have more moon energy in their horoscope they tend to understand emotions and feeling of other people Easily. If moon is influencing the ascendant then these native tend to be very attractive in nature. Also they tend to earn trust in their life easily. Also they trust other people easily. They don’t tend to be very selfish and also help other without selfishness. But they tend to be lazy in nature. Or if we don’t want to use word lazy then we can say these natives are slow as they don’t want to progress fast in their life.
  • When moon influence ascendant in male horoscope then lot of these native tend to have huge influence from womans in their life.It is also seen if moon influence Ascendant then the native gets disease at a age of 27. For Cancer ascendant influence of moon in first house also causes trouble in married life.
  • Also, Kark Lagna persons like to travel and visit lot of places in their life. They can even become salesman or can be employed in ship, which makes them stay away from the wife for a long time.

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