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Can Saturn be a helpful planet in our lives? 

While Saturn is often associated with darkness, fear, and death, it can actually be a helpful planet in our lives. In astrology, Saturn is known as the “Great Malefic”, it is associated with difficulties and challenges, but it also has a more positive side.  

Saturn can be a helpful planet, providing guidance and support during difficult times. In astrology, Saturn is known as the teacher, and its lessons can be difficult but ultimately beneficial. When we face difficulties in our lives, it is often Saturn that is behind them, pushing us to grow and learn.  

The planet Saturn can represent wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Its dark energy can also be used to help us let go of negative things in our lives, such as past traumas or unhealthy relationships. In addition, Saturn’s energy can help us to manifest our goals and desires.  

While Saturn’s lessons may not be easy, they can help us to become better people. If we can learn from our mistakes and overcome our challenges, we will find that Saturn has helped us to grow in ways that we never could have imagined. 

So, while Saturn may not be the most pleasant planet in our solar system, it can actually be quite helpful if we work with its energy instead of against it.   

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