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Ashwini Nakshatra Animal - Yoni Animal & Symbol of Ashwini Nakshatra

The Animal Symbol of Ashwini Nakshatra is a Horse. A horse has an outstanding balance, ability to escape danger, fast, able to sleep standing up or sitting down, re-produce at a very early age of one year. These are just some introductory notes on horses.

Let’s relate that to people now. An Ashwini dominated person wants to finish things fast. They

are excellent in averting danger, either physical or psychological. Ashwini person will start their puberty or menstrual cycle quite early in life and become sexually aware at a very early age. Ashwini people can find any place to take a nap; whether it's on an uncomfortable plane, train, or bus ride or in the comfort of their bedroom, they use sleep to gain energy and not for pleasure.

Their main aim is to wake up as early as possible to start running in the race of life. A horse lacks a collarbone. Hence, an Ashwini person may have weak collarbones. The most distinctive feature of a horse is its muscles and endurance, which is widely known worldwide, so it is evident that an Ashwini dominated person has strong muscle tendons and the ability to work for longer and faster than others.

One word that comes to my mind is the “Horsepower” used to describe the power of a car’s engine. A horse is a compelling animal, who can kill a man with a single kick from his hind legs. If we compare a horse’s body to a human, the hind legs of a horse are like his actual legs, while the front two can be considered as arms. An Ashwini person will have strong legs and thighs to help them run in sports. Ashwini nakshatra is visible in the chart of Bodybuilders, Basket Ball Players,