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Artha Trikona Houses in Astrology | Wealth Houses in Vedic Astrology

The 2nd, 6th and 10th houses are Artha Trikona Houses in Astrology. Artha means wealth. Another meaning of the word Artha is the means of living. We will start understanding these houses from the 6th house. The 6th house is the first means of earning and therefore it indicates earning through the job


Another indication of Sixth house is a disease. Health is also another type of wealth. Both of these are the seeds of means of living. 6th house is a house of enemies. 6th house also indicates debts

and enemies which are means of loss of wealth.

The next house in Artha trine is the 10th house and that indicates Karma or action for means of living.

It is called Karma Sthana and indicates a career. Accordingly, it indicates power and achievements.

The 2nd house indicates the final fruit of wealth. It indicates material wealth or balance earning. It also indicates knowledge of various subjects and finally, it indicates extended family. You might wonder why we started from the 6th house rather than the 2nd house and I will explain this in the coming course posts in A quick summary of indications of Artha Purushartha Thrikona is mentioned in the below table.

Second House Sixth House Tenth House
Wealth Job Career
Family Enemies Workplace
Fatal Events Health Challenges Karma
Material Knowledge Worries Actions