About Us

VidhyaMitra.com is the Dictionary of Astrology. The website is dedicated to bringing accurate & authentic Vedic Astrology Knowledge for Astrology Aspirants to get the summarised data from all the Vedic Astrology Textbooks into one place.

VidhyaMitra.com is the only website in the world to have the complete Mathematically Representation of Astrology Data & Processed Summary to get the full prediction or analysis without the need to read the Vedic Textbooks.

VidhyaMitra.com aims to share the knowledge of Vedic Astrology, which contains the secrets of the world within it. We will share the True Vedic Astrology knowledge hidden in this modern world where everything that is not understandable becomes taboo in society.

Making an accurate prediction of one's complete life requires horoscope analysis. We will be covering the entire permutation and combinations in the horoscope along with their detailed results - both auspicious & inauspicious based on each person's planetary placements in the horoscope.

We want to share this Lord Vishnu's divine knowledge with the one who appreciates it and wishes to explore the world of Vedic Astrology. We will be sharing the secrets of Astrology which no other websites are sharing because our aim is to share the knowledge rather than charging money for consultations.