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Houses in Astrology

What is 2nd House in Astrology

2nd House in Astrology

The 2nd House in Astrology signifies family, fixed assets, family business, possessions of valuable things, vocal talent and speaking ability, as the second house represents the throat.

The 2nd house is representative of speech, ability to speak, quality of speech, family lineage, family history, family relationships, family assets, savings, vocal activities (love for singing, talking, public speaking, poetry recitation) and optimism.

In Vedic Astrology, the second house is also a death inflicting house (Marka House). Marka simply means houses that mentally & physically have the ability to kill the native. As the 2nd house represents the family, it makes the native argue, fight and disagree with people in the family if it is malefic in the native’s birth chart.

Impact, Importance and Characteristics of 2nd House in Astrology  

The second house in astrology depicts the family. Along with the family, the family’s social status is also inherited, which influences one’s financial future to some extent. As a result, wealth is also denoted. Next to the skull (represented by the first house), the face is the physical part of the body. As a result, the second house in astrology represents the face, eyes, nose, and mouth. Eating and speaking, both of which are done with the mouth, are also denoted by the 2nd house. The association with Taurus adds to the wealth and luxury of the sign.

The second house is mostly concerned with events that occur close to the beginning.   The house of possessions’ is another name for the second house. This is because the second house represents everything one owns, including material items, wealth, and possessions. But they are not just physical possessions. The second house is concerned with our sentiments, emotions, and relationships with our younger siblings.

The second house in astrology is also known as the ‘Dhana Bhava’ or the ‘House of Money’. It governs a native’s financial condition and wealth. The 2nd house in astrology not only has direct authority over money (liquid cash: currency) but also over assets like stocks, valuables, jewellery, bonds, and inheritance. Finance, material items, jewels, earning power, and fate are all impacted by the second house. Savings, budgeting, management methods, and debt management are also influenced by the second house.

Role of Planets in the Second House in Astrology

The Taurus zodiac sign rules the second house in astrology. The natural significators of the 2nd house in the birth chart are Venus and Jupiter. The Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are strongest in the second house.

Understanding the role of planets in the second house are discussed below:

  • The Sun in 2nd house in astrology is not well appreciated. Although it gives insight on the second house, second house meanings, and second house significations for other people, the internal reality is quite different. In general, natives suffer at the hands of the government and authorities, who offend them in some way, whether consciously or unknowingly. The native will have a pale, flustered appearance, and a harsh but dignified body language. Native will get annoyed easily, even over minor issues, is inflexible, and money will not come readily to the native; therefore, the native must be diligent and exertive.
  • The Moon in 2nd house makes the native happy, with a large extended family. The native will have a clear fair complexion, and he enjoys being alone because of insecurities from others. Moon in the second house in astrology can give the native ill effects in the right eye. The native can also indicate money earnings and income from female influence. The financial situation will be better than average, but it will be unstable.
  • Mars in 2nd house makes the native easily frustrated which would lead him to pick up quarrels with everyone. The natives will have courage to earn money and accumulate it, but when it comes to spending, they behave as a miser. The native will become friends with wicked and evil-minded people, and as a result, he suffers because of engaging in unrighteous activities. The native’s speech will be harsh, the listener will be unable to understand what the native is saying, and linguistic strength will be hazy and unclear.
  • Mercury in 2nd house in astrology ensures that the native frequently makes money through trades and commerce, buying and selling, and other business activities, as well as from speaking and lecturing, implying that soft skills are essential whenever communication abilities are required. When Mercury is in the second house, the native is wealthy and intelligent. He speaks in a gentle and soft tone with a hint of humour. The native’s deeds are religiously motivated, geared toward charity, donations, and assisting the less fortunate, and ethically shaped. He makes money in a clever and prudent manner. His way of life is not extravagant; and he is wise, cautious, and economical.
  • Jupiter in 2nd house in astrology signifies that, to gain wealth, the native must go to tremendous lengths and exert great work. Even if wealth is gained in some way, financial challenges will always be present, especially for Scorpio and Aquarius ascendant lagna natives. Jupiter bestows wonderful wealth and money on the native, but the native will be unable to accumulate it, despite the fact that the native’s job will never be interrupted for monetary reasons, and money will continue to flow in through many channels. Th native usually has a charismatic presence. However, obesity concerns may be observed.
  • Venus in 2nd house usually denotes a wealthy and healthy native. In addition to his attractive appearance, the native’s speech will be sober. Money comes to the natives easily and with little work, mainly through the favour of others and primarily through females. Their partner will be attractive and well-cultured, with impeccable public persona. The native with Venus in the second house is delicate, dexterous and calm. Overall, Venus is well-placed in the second house.
  • Saturn in 2nd house is not a desirable position as the native will have harsh speech and no social interactive skills which would lead him into having rough work life and as well as family life. The struggle will be prominent.
  • Rahu in 2nd house brings money in through immoral and unconventional means. Financial situations for the native are frequently volatile and unclear. The native will have manipulative speaking abilities. The native lacks motherly nourishment. He may like non-vegetarian foods and beverages. The native is lustful and has easy pleasure-seeking nature, and money, to fulfil his desires, will thrive.
  • Ketu in 2nd house will give speaking disorders to the native. The native may get influenced by the wrong people for the sake of earning money. If Jupiter aspects the Ketu from this placement, righteousness can be foreseen.

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